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Jan. 19, 2010, 8:43 p.m.

RELIEF AND RECONSTRUCTION EFFORTS SUMMARY 1. Dominican Rebublic (DR) President Leonel Fernandez, on 1/18/10, hosted a hemispheric preparatory meeting for a future international conference on elaborating a strategic plan for the reconstruction of Haiti. He proposed that a coordinating committee be created made up of Haiti, the DR, CARICOM, the UN, the EU, the OAS, the Rio Group, the U.S., Canada, Brazil and the Inter-American Development Bank. Fernandez also proposed that the Canadian initiative to hold Friends of Haiti meeting in Montreal on 1/25 include the coordinating committee members and be considered a follow-on to today's session. At Haitian President Preval's request, the principal Haiti reconstruction strategy meeting would then be held in the DR in April, followed by the unveiling of a "Plan of Action" at the 05/16-18/10 EU-Latin American Summit in Madrid. The Dominican hosts circulated a draft "Declaration of Santo Domingo," which states that the April meeting in the DR will be "convoked" by the Eureopean Union (seemingly influenced by visiting Spanish Vice President Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega). In addition, Fernandez suggested that Caribbean nations' debts to the Paris Club be paid into a Haiti reconstruction fund. The UN rep insisted that MINUSTAH be in charge of all security in Haiti, with other foreign military forces limited to humanitarian relief operations, and stressed that any organizations deploying resources to Haiti be self-sustaining. WHA A/S Valenzuela spoke on the USG's long-term commitment to Haiti reconstruction, highlighted SECSTATE's call for the creation of a Coordination Center in Haiti to manage the distribution of assistance, noted that the U.S. recognizes MINUSTAH's primary role in providing security, which our military forces will support but not supplant, and recognized the efforts of the DR's government and people in the Haiti relief effort. END SUMMARY. 2. Attendees at the meeting included Haitian President Preval, Spanish Vice President Fernandez de la Vega (also speaking for the EU), OAS Secretary General Insulza, CARICOM Chairman Carrington, the Prime Ministers of Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Dominica, Barbados and the Bahamas, high-level diplomatic representatives from Canada, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, and representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank. WHA A/S Arturo Valenzuela headed the U.S. delegation, accompanied by Charge, USAID Director, Pol-Econ Counselor, Information Officer, S/P Peter Harrell and PRM Guy Lawson. STATEMENTS BY THE COUNTRIES AND ORGANIZATIONS 3. President Fernandez opened the meeting and then called on the head of each delegation to make a statement. Following these interventions, Fernandez summarized the meeting's conclusions and Spanish VP Fernandez de la Vega suggested that these be incorporated in a "Declaration of Santo Domingo" (operative text at para 6). The gist of participants' comments follows: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - PRESIDENT LEONEL FERNANDEZ n The Haiti earthquake was an unimaginable catastrophe n There is the need to concentrate on the immediate task of relief and reconstruction, but there is also the need for a long-term strategic plan aimed at achieving sustainable development in Haiti, including long-term financing of this plan n To develop this plan, he proposes the creation of a Permanent Working Committee n The international community has to make sure that assistance to Haiti does not fade away once the earthquake and its aftermath SANTO DOMI 00000021 002 OF 008 disappears from the front pages SPAIN (Speaking for the EU) - VICE PRESIDENT MARIA TERESA FERNANDEZ DE LA VEGA n Expresses full support for the DR's initiative n Earlier that day in Brussels, EU cooperation ministers agreed to send an assistance package composed of search and rescue teams, a logistics unit, air assets, engineers and security forces n Congratulates the DR for the important role it is playing as a logistics platform n Total assistance pledged to date from EU is 306 million Euros DOMINICA - PRIME MINISTER ROOSEVELT SKERRIT n In the past, Haiti has not always received promised aid; this must not be repeated now n CARICOM members are ready to work with the international community to rebuild Haiti n Long-term development plan is needed ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES - SECRETARY GENERAL JOSE MIGUEL INSULZA n OAS has created an assistance fund, contributing USD one million and hopes to collect USD 10 million in donations from Latin American companies n It's facilities and staff in Haiti is at the disposition of the Haitian Government n A single coordinating center is needed for the relief operation; suggests that this should include representatives from the UN, major donors, Chile, Brazil and CARICOM. HAITI - PRESIDENT RENE PREVAL n Thanks President Fernandez and the DR for assistance, notes need to continue to strengthen ties between the two countries n Thanks the international community for its rapid and massive assistance n Priorities are to establish political and economic stability and recreate institutions n Haiti was in a difficult situation before the earthquake, now need it not only to repair the damage but also to create jobs, reinforce democratic institutions and promote economic growth and development n The reconstruction effort is above all the responsibility of the Haitian people themselves n Need donors to better coordinate efforts and to follow the end use of aid being given SANTO DOMI 00000021 003 OF 008 USA - WHA ASSISTANT SECRETARY ARTURO VALENZUELA n Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told President Preval the day before that the U.S. will provide all the assistance it can to Haiti, and that this is a long-term commitment n The U.S. is coordinating its efforts closely with Haiti, the UN and the international community in one of the largest relief efforts in memory n U.S. paratroopers delivered 130,000 rations last Saturday alone n We recognize that MINUSTAH has the primary security role; U.S. forces will support MINUSTAH, not supplant it n Secretary Clinton called for the creation of a Coordination Center in Haiti to improve organization and implementation of the relief effort n The USG recognizes the assistance of the Government of the Dominican Republic (GoDR) and the Dominican people to the relief effort and will take this into account in its assistance programs to the DR n The USG also salutes the efforts of other Caribbean nations, the OAS and the international institutions and organizations CANADA - FOREIGN MINISTER FOR THE AMERICAS PETER KENT n Canada's long-term commitment to Haiti will continue and deepen n Salutes President Fernandez's assistance, particularly in the opening of a humanitarian corridor across the island of Hispaniola. n The previous day Canada held a conference call with the Friends of Haiti group and arranged for a 01/25/10 meeting in Montreal to focus on long-term planning n It is important to turn this crisis into an opportunity BRAZIL - SECRETARY GENERAL OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS ANTONIO AGUIAR PATRIOTA n Haiti needs a long-term aid program that builds on prior progress, especially in the consolidation of democracy n Salutes the DR's assistance, which marks a new chapter in bilateral relations on Hispaniola and in the Caribbean n Brazil will host a summit with CARICOM in April, where Haiti reconstruction will be a major agenda item n At a UN Security Council meeting that day, the need to reinforce MINUSTAH will be addressed n MINUSTAH must remain in charge of security, with other foreign military forces concentrating on distributing supplies n Brazil has agreed to provide USD 15 million in immediate aid, of which USD five million has already been authorized n Job creation is a priority, as is improving the agricultural sector CHILE - FOREIGN MINISTER MARIANO FERNANDEZ SANTO DOMI 00000021 004 OF 008 n Agrees with Secretary Clinton's call for a single Coordinating Center in Haiti n There is a lot of confusion in the provision of medical services there; the UN needs to move these facilities out from the airport area to outlying regions MEXICO - HEAD OF ECONOMIC AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION DEPARTMENT ROGELIO GRANGUILLHOME MORFIN n Mexico is providing USD eight million in aid, has send over 200 people to Haiti and is dispatching 1500 tons of supplies by boat n Supports creation of a Coordinating Center n There needs to be a comprehensive evaluation of reconstruction priorities, looking at the condition of Haitian industry and services; suggests the UN and IDB analyze economic impact of the earthquake, with particular focus on lost jobs and the financial sector n MINUSTAH's mandate should be revised to reflect current needs, and Mexico is making a proposal on these lines to the UNSC n Given existing logistical problems, Mexico is making its ports available for use as logistic platforms for Haiti relief efforts WORLD BANK - DIRECTOR FOR LATIN AMERICA YVONNE TSIKATA n The World Bank has announced a USD 100 million grant for Haiti relief efforts, focused on infrastructure n It will discuss priorities with the Government of Haiti n In short-term humanitarian needs are greatest, and the Bank is looking at how it can re-allocate its current portfolio to meet this requirement n The Bank will begin conducting a needs assessment on 01/25 n In conjunction with the International Monetary Fund, the Bank is working to get the Haitian payments system back up and running; its team is in Santo Domingo awaiting UN approval to go into Haiti n The Bank also supports Secretary Clinton's call for a Coordination Center TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - PRIME MINISTER PATRICK MANNING n CARICOM members are behind Haiti and will contribute what they can n At last April's Summit of the America's, T&T proposed the creation of a Special Development Fund for Haiti; it is clear that now the time has come to move forward on this fund n It is also time to forgive Haiti's foreign debt UNITED NATIONS - REPRESENTATIVE OF THE UNSYG FOR THE STABILIZATION AND PEACE MISSION IN HAITI EDMUNDO MULET n UNSYG Moon has requested an additional 1500 police and 2000 troops for MINUSTAH SANTO DOMI 00000021 005 OF 008 n Thanks President Fernandez for offering 315 troops for border duties n The DR's humanitarian corridor for relief supplies is also very important n Agrees on the need for better strategic coordination in capitals, operational coordination in Port au Prince and tactical coordination in the field n MINUSTAH is capable of providing security in Port au Prince and throughout the country n Military forces from the U.S., EU, and Canada are coming, and the UN is preparing memorandum's of understanding with each to define roles n These troops can help with distribution of food and supplies around the country n UN is considering making different countries responsible for different geographic areas, with Canada taking over the west, the U.S. managing distribution in Port au Prince n This would be akin to the Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan n The UN is very pleased with coordination of military forces to date n The UN has made a "flash appeal" for USD 500 million in assistance, of which some two-thirds has been pledged n This money needs to be supplied in cash as soon as possible n The Haitian people need to be incorporated in the relief and reconstruction efforts, with payments for work; this will also promote stability and security n UNDP is working on an action plan to bring this about n The UN is working closely with the Haitian Government to define priorities, and will bring local authorities into the process, as they know their communities best n In 15 days, FAO hopes to feed one million people, doubling that in a month. n Logistics needs are great, the Port au Prince airport is small and the humanitarian corridor to Santo Domingo is getting overloaded, so the UN is looking at establishing a logistics platform in the Dominican province of Barahona, where there is an airport n Assistance to the DR is needed to assist in the establishment of an efficient humanitarian corridor and move border control points to locations where they will create fewer bottlenecks n MINUSTAH would like to establish a permanent office in Santo Domingo to coordinate these efforts n All countries, organizations and NGOs sending people to Haiti must ensure that their deployments are completely self-sustaining, as Haiti cannot absorb people competing for the scarce resources there INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS - PRESIDENT TABATERU KONOE n The ICRC is providing safe water to 100,000 people,delivered a 250 bed hospital and is providing 16 emergency response teams, eight of which have already deployed n Critical needs include food, water, shelter, psychological support and security SANTO DOMI 00000021 006 OF 008 JAMAICA - PRIME MINISTER BRUCE GOLDING n The relief efforts administrative challenges must be addressed under the direction of President Preval and the Haitian Government; there should be no ambiguity as to who is in charge n Jamaica offers itself as a logistics platform; Kingston airport can handle long-haul flights n One need not mentioned is the care of the large number of orphans created by the earthquake n Commitments to Haiti need to be fulfilled this time CARICOM - SECRETARY EDWIN CARRINGTON n CARICOM will strengthen its office in Port au Prince INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK n An emergency fund to provide care for 100,000 people has been established, USD 340 million in non-disbursed funds are at Haiti's disposition for relief and reconstruction efforts, and USD 110 million in debt will be converted into grants n These measures will not reduce planned support for Haiti in the future FERNANDEZ SUMS UP THE DISCUSSION 4. President Fernandez then summed up the discussion and made comments and proposals of his own as follows: n There was agreement that Haiti faces immediate and long-term needs and that improved coordination is needed for both n A central coordinating center is needed in Haiti to channel international assistance efficiently, and the possibility of creating geographic zones of responsibility needs to be explored n Proposes that a Coordination Committee be formed to develop a strategic plan for Haitian reconstruction and development n Adds that this Coordination Committee be made up of Haiti, the DR, CARICOM, the UN, the EU, the OAS, the Rio Group, the United States, Canada, Brazil and the IDB (when the Mexican rep asked if his country could be added, Fernandez replied that they would be present as head of the Rio Group) n Suggests that the 01/25 ministerial meeting in Montreal serve as a follow-up to the 01/18 conference, and that all members of the Coordination Committee be invited to participate n Proposes that the DR host another conference in April, at which the Coordination Committee will present its recommendations, adding that Haitian President Preval suggested that this meeting be held in the DR n Proposes that a Plan of Action be adopted at or on the margins of the 05/16-18/10 EU-Latin America Summit in Madrid n Estimates that Haiti will require USD two billion a year for the next five years SANTO DOMI 00000021 007 OF 008 n Proposes that one way to raise part of this money is to have all Caribbean countries pay their debt service on Paris Club loans into a Haiti Development Fund n Agreement that Haiti needs assistance in consolidating its democratic institutions and in developing food self-sufficiency, which will require assistance to the agricultural sector in addition to the recognized need for aid to rebuild schools, hospitals, ports, electricity generation, telecommunications and the tourism infrastructure n The DR is honored to become part of MINUSTAH and is looking at building up its logistic capabilities at Barahona and at the Jimani border crossing SPANISH VP SEEKS TO CEMENT CONCLUSIONS IN DECLARATION 5. Spanish VP Fernandez de la Vega seconded Fernandez's conclusions and proposals regarding the formation of a Coordination Committee and the scheduling and location of future conferences (although she did not refer to the Dominican President's debt proposals) and stated that they should be incorporated in a "Declaration of Santo Domingo." There was no vote on the Spanish VP's proposal and no one spoke out for or against it, and the meeting then concluded. Subsequently, the GoDR hosts distributed the text of this Declaration to attendees, although none were asked to sign it. TEXT OF DECLARATION 6. Begin informal Embassy translation of operative text of Declaration (full Spanish text has been scanned and emailed to Haiti Task Force and WHA/CAR): (description of Haiti earthquake and aftermath) The Government and the people of Hait are and should continue being the principal protagonists of the reconstruction of their country and of their collective destiny. But it is the responsibility of the international community to offer all of its help to convert the incertitude in confidence and skepticism in a vision of its shared future. For all of the above, the countries and organizations present in this meeting agree to promote the holding of an international conference that will have as its objective the elaboration of a Strategic Plan for the Reconstruction of Haiti that, in addition to emergency assistance, will contribute to reinforce in the medium- and long-term the social, economic and political viability and stability of Haiti. The conference will be convoked by the European Union and celebrated in the Dominican Republic. A Coordination Committee, made up of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, CARICOM, the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Rio Group, the United Staets, Canada, Brazil and the Inter-American Development Bank, created to this effect will develop the organization of said activity that will hold its first meeting on January 25 in Canada. SANTO DOMI 00000021 008 OF 008 A working group designated by this committee will elaborate a proposed Strategic Plan that will be submitted for debate in the first plenary meeting that that will be based on three points: the Millennium Objectives, the "National Strategic Document for Growth and Poverty Reduction 2008-2010," and the World Bank document known as "Options and Opportunities for Haiti" At the same time, it is agreed to propose to the G-20 that at its next meeting it studies the creation of a fund for the reconstruction of Haiti, taking into account experiences, such as the Iraq fund. The globalized world in which we live demands from us answers that are also global. The countries and organizations present in this meeting believe that the future of Haiti merits that the international community combine its efforts. The Haitian crisis has again reaffirmed that in our globalized world no only government but also citizens feel that nothing that occurs to someone else is foreign to us. We can and should construct a more just and human world. For thousands of Haitians this tragedy has been an end, it is our responsibility that for millions of citizens of this and other continents that it be a new beginning. End text. COMMENT 7. President Fernandez, with the cooperation of Haitian President Preval and Spanish VP Fernandez de la Vega, deftly engineered the 01/18/10 conference to place the DR and its Caribbean neighbors at the center of international efforts to provide assistance to Haitian relief and reconstruction. Septel will report on A/S Valenzuela's subsequent separate private discussions with Fernandez and with Spanish VP Fernandez de la Vega on this and other topics. A/S Valenzuela has reported via e-mail his conversations with Chilean Foreign Minister Fernandez, Brazilian Sec. Gen. Patriota, Haitian President Preval, Jamaican PM golding and Canadian Foreign Minister for the America's Kent. END COMMENT. 8. A/S Valenzuela cleared on this cable. Lambert