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Jan. 19, 2010, 7:19 p.m.

1. ChargC) spoke with MFA Director for Political Affairs Ambassador Elbio Rosselli January 20 to thank the GOU for its support of the humanitarian relief operation in Haiti. Rosselli confirmed that the GOU sent a K-9 search and rescue unit comprised of five dogs and five handlers to Haiti January 14 via Argentine military air. That team arrived in Port au Prince January 15 and is currently operational. 2. Rosselli mentioned that the GOU has two large but portable water purifying machines available for possible use in Haiti. However, the units are difficult to transport (they are apparently quite heavy), and require level ground and access to a fresh water source to function properly. Rosselli added that the GOU is looking into options to transport the units to Haiti if it is determined that a need exists. The GOU has one C-130 that could be used, he said, but that aircraft could carry only one purifier at a time. With that in mind, the GOU is in communication with neighboring countries regarding the availability of their air assets. Separately, Uruguay's state-owned water company contacted the Inter-American Development Bank's country representative seeking funding for the purchase of fuel for the Uruguayan C-130 to transport the units to Haiti. Rosselli was clear that he was not requesting U.S. help, and there are no/no further GOU assistance offers awaiting a response from the USG. Matthewman