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Jan. 20, 2010, 11:01 a.m.

1. (SBU) Pol/Econ Chief delivered reftel demarche to Waddat Sarrah of the Libyan MFA's Americas Department January 19, expressing appreciation for Libya's generous contribution of medical equipment and supplies, blankets, foodstuffs, and other relief materials, particularly since Libya does not maintain diplomatic relations with Haiti. Sarrah thanked the USG for the message and responded that assisting those in need is a "part of Libyan culture." (Note: In a separate conversation, Foreign Minister Musa Kusa's Chief of Staff clarified to Pol/Econ Chief that Libya routinely provides assistance to other nations, irrespective of whether Libya maintains diplomatic relations with them. End note.) Sarrah noted that two cargo planes of relief supplies had already departed Libya and another was being prepared. The Libyan provisions included medical equipment, medicine, blankets, tents, and foodstuffs. Sarrah believed that delivery of the supplies was being coordinated through the Libyan Embassy in Mexico. 2. (U) According to Libyan press reports, the Qadhafi Development Foundation is leading the relief effort, in conjunction with the Libyan Red Crescent and the Libya Assistance and Development Fund. Oea newspaper, which is part of Saif al-Islam's Al Ghad Media Group, reported January 19 that the "aid will be delivered by a rescue team and a specialized medical team who will offer the medical assistance required for those affected by the quake." 3. (U) Post will report additional details on the precise quantities and value of Libya's contributions to the relief effort in Haiti as we receive them. 4. Minimize considered. CRETZ