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Jan. 19, 2010, 10:49 p.m.

1. Charge conveyed reftel points to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) North American Affairs Bureau Director-General Kazuyoshi Umemoto January 19. Umemoto thanked the USG for its support for Japan's relief efforts in Haiti and said the Japan Self Defense Force is currently examining possibilities for additional support. 2. Separately, Econoff conveyed reftel points to Hiroaki Sano, MOFA International Cooperation Bureau Special Coordinator for Overseas Disaster Assistance. Sano thanked the USG for its logistic support of the Japan Self Defense Force deployment in Haiti and said a shipment of relief supplies, including tents, blankets and tarps left for Port au Prince the morning of January 19 Japan time. Sano said the Japanese government is not waiting on any additional response from the USG but will continue to communicate through Embassy Tokyo as well as the Japanese Embassy in Washington and the Japanese Consulate in Miami as events warrant. 3. Embassy Tokyo Economic Minister Counselor and USAID Development Coordinator also plan to convey reftel points to newly-promoted MOFA International Cooperation Bureau Director-General Shiro Sadoshima on January 20 and will report any substantive response septel. ZUMWALT