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Jan. 19, 2010, 10:58 p.m.

CHINA IN HAITI, ARGENTINE PRESIDENT'S VISIT TO CHINA BEIJING 00000138 001.2 OF 002 1. Key points at the January 19 MFA press briefing were: -- China asserts that foreign firms, including Google, must respect Chinese laws and customs China claimed to be the biggest victim of hacking attacks. -- A Japanese proposal to build facilities on Okinotori reef is inconsistent with international law and therefore "isolated and twisted, as well as groundless." -- Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will meet with President Hu Jintao during a January 25-28 visit to China. China's Internet ---------------- 2. At the January 19 regularly scheduled Foreign Ministry press briefing, Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu stated that "foreign firms, including Google, must respect Chinese laws and customs." China had an open Internet and encouraged the development and application of the Internet, Ma continued. China welcomed Internet businesses from all countries that operated in accordance to Chinese law. 3. In response to questions regarding Google's statement that it was considering leaving China, Ma said he was not aware of any discussions on this subject between Google and the Chinese government. He noted that the United States government had not made any formal representations to China regarding Google or Internet freedom. If the U.S. were to raise such issues, Ma said, China would stress the position that its Internet is open. 4. Ma claimed that China was the "biggest victim of hacking attacks." He said that there had been a 148 percent increase in hacking attempts against Chinese websites in 2008. Ma cited Baidu as an example of a Chinese website that had been the victim of a large-scale cyber attack. Ma also said that reports of an attack by Chinese hackers on Indian government computers "are entirely without basis." China's Earthquake Disaster Relief in Haiti ------------------------------------------- 5. Ma announced that the remains of eight Chinese peacekeepers who had died during the Haiti earthquake had arrived in Beijing. Ma stated that China provided immediate legal and consular assistance to Chinese citizens in Haiti who had been affected by the earthquake. Ma emphasized that China's disaster relief efforts were under the scope of UN regulations. 6. Ma stated that China's relief efforts received "great praise from relevant authorities." This illustrated that China had "fully fulfilled" its responsibilities. Besides finding the bodies of the Chinese peacekeepers, Chinese rescue workers had helped find the bodies of UN officials and others, said Ma. He also noted that Chinese doctors set up a medical station and had helped over 200 Haitian earthquake victims. 7. When asked if Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou's upcoming visit to Haiti would affect China's disaster relief contributions, Ma referred the question to the Taiwan Affairs Office. Regarding prospects for cross-Strait cooperation on relief efforts, Ma said that there had been no cross-Strait coordination on the Haiti earthquake response but that China hoped to enhance contact and cooperation and to "uphold the humanitarian spirit." Argentina's President Visit to China ------------------------------------ 8. Ma announced that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner would visit China January 25-28. President Fernandez de Kirchner and President Hu Jintao would discuss the bilateral strategic partnership and sign cooperative documents that would further enhance the bilateral relationship, Ma said. 9. When asked about whether the indictments, by an Argentine judge, of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan for their role in crimes against humanity committed against Falun Gong practitioners would affect the visit, Ma responded that Falun Gong was a cult that tried to bring false charges against Chinese officials. He asserted that attempts by Falun Gong practitioners to damage China's relations with other countries would notQcceed. Okinotori Reef Territorial Dispute ---------------------------------- 10. Ma said Article 121 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea provided that Japanese proposals to build facilities on Okinotori reef would not change the reef's legal status. Since Okinotori BEIJING 00000138 002 OF 002 could not sustain human habitation, it could neither be an exclusive economic zone nor a continental shelf. Ma stated that the Japanese proposal did not conform to international laws, was against the overall interests of the international community and was therefore "isolated and twisted, as well as groundless." Iranian Nuclear Program ----------------------- 11. China's approach to Iran's nuclear program was consistent and emphasized dialogue and cooperation, Ma said. China continued to support the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Ma said China had not made any decision regarding further actions to be taken by the P5+1. Kidnapped Chinese Engineers in Afghanistan ------------------------------------------ 12. Ma stated that China was making every effort to rescue two Chinese engineers who had been kidnapped in Afghanistan January 16. The two Chinese nationals were kidnapped by unknown armed individuals. Ma said that the relevant departments were investigating the situation. HUNTSMAN